Utica Summit II Highlights

We held our second annual Utica Summit II this last Tuesday at Kent State Stark. The key observations of some of the presenters are: The current Utica Shale production could support four cracker plants. The biggest opportunities from the Shale Play game changer are going to be downstream. The U.S. will have considerable price advantage over the rest of the world in manufacturing and chemicals/plastics. The U.S. has so much oil, gas and coal reserves it’s unbelievable. Technically Recoverable Resources* 206 Years of Oil 120 years of Nat Gas 464 years of Coal In-place Resources* 586 years of Nat Gas 536 years of oil 9,844 years of coal  * Institute for Energy Resources Analysis of U.S. Government Data Joseph BaronePresidentShaleDirectories.com 610.764.1232 jbarone@shaledirectories.com http://www.shaledirectories.com The post Utica Summit II Highlights appeared first on Shale Directories.


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