George Stark to Speak at Upstream PA 2015

George Stark, Director of External Affairs, at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, will be a presenter at Upstream PA 2015 where he will provide an overview for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation’s drilling activity in 2015. More importantly, he will review Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation’s accomplishments over the last seven years and what it has meant to communities and businesses in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania where Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation has been drilling. The benefits of Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation in the community may be jeopardized by oil and gas severance tax being proposed by the governor.   Stark will update attendees on how best to make sure their voice in hear during this tax policy debate. In addition to Stark, Marcellus Shale Coalition President David Spigelmyer will be the featured speaker at Upstream PA 2015. Spigelmyer will provide an overview of upstream activity in PA in 2015 with a special focus on the challenges facing the natural gas industry. The two primary cha


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