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U.S. Energy Department authorizes Sabine Pass Liquefaction to export LNG to non-FTA countries The U.S. Department of Energy on Monday announced it has issued a final authorization for Sabine Pass Liquefaction LLC’s expansion project to export domestically produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) to countries that don’t have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the U.S.Sabine Pass, located in Cameron Parish, La., now is authorized to export up to 1.38 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of additional liquefied natural gas for a 20-year period.In 2012, Sabine Pass Liquefaction was authorized to export LNG up to 2.2 Bcf/d of natural gas for 20 years.  With this most recent authorization, Sabine Pass Liquefaction now is authorized to export up to 3.58 Bcf/d of natural gas for 20 years.Federal law requires approval of natural gas exports to countries that have an FTA with the U.S. For countries that don’t have an FTA with America, the federal Natural Gas Act directs the Department of Energ


Last Tuesday a press conference was held in Harrisburg by organizations, individuals and elected officials to discuss the proposed Severance Tax and the negative impacts it would have on businesses and residents across Pennsylvania. More than a hundred folks came out in support and stood on the steps of the Rotunda to represent the thousands of PA employees who couldn’t attend but who have experienced the positive impacts of the Marcellus Shale industry.The External Affairs team headed to our state capitol to help share the our own message and to relay the dozens of stories we have heard first hand from our contractors, friends, landowners and community partners.Sharing Stories to Protect PA JobsThe press conference lasted for roughly an hour and included stories from some amazing individuals who live and work across the Commonwealth on what the industry has meant for them and what a Severance Tax will mean for their future. We will have these videos throughout the week on the @Ca

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation has a strong commitment to the communities in which it operates and an even stronger commitment to doing what it can to improve the quality of life in those areas. To that extent, I wanted to recap the comprehensive educational outreach undertaken by Cabot and its partners through the first half of 2015.Career and Technical Education grantsFor multiple years Cabot has sponsored the extraordinary work of the Susquehanna County Career & Technology center through equipment donations, in-classroom guidance, and scholarships. This relationship is working well; Cabot decided to increase its reach to other CTC programs in northeast Pennsylvania using SCCTC as a model.In 2015 Cabot is awarding $10,000 educational assistance grants to six career and technical programs in addition to its continued support of SCCTC. Each grant is made possible through Pennsylvania’s Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.Cabot applauds the work of each institution and is c

Last week a new coalition was created in support of pipeline development across the Marcellus-Utica region.   A Pittsburgh Business Times article announced the formation of the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance. This new coalition is a partnership formed by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, the Delaware Chamber of Commerce, Laborers International Union of North America, and Local 66 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.With this announcement added to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s recent creation of a task force to assist gas drillers in building pipelines across the state, we are seeing more and more public support of pipeline development. These announcements could not come at a better time. Opponents of natural gas development have publicly stated their goal to oppose all pipeline construction at the local level, vowing to attend municipal meetings whenever pipeline issues are being considering.Coalitions are effective in bringing together manag

On behalf of my family’s small business, Sugar Hollow Water Services and myself, General Manager Bill Hampton, I would like to express my large dissatisfaction with the newly proposed budget and how a severance tax affects my business. The biggest part of our small business at Sugar Hollow is supplying water to the natural gas industry. To do this, we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the water we provide has been drawn from our rivers and streams in a manner that protects the environment.As a water supply small business, we rely on the companies and organizations that need our water to operate. Therefore, if the natural gas industry prospers, we prosper, too. Likewise, if the natural gas industry does poorly, we do poorly, too.  That’s why the severance tax Governor Wolf is proposing will harm my family, our small business and the entire community in our region who also depend on the natural gas industry to support the economy.If the natural gas industry is tax

With all of the attention that the fracking industry has been receiving over the past few years, is anyone paying attention to the some of the trends that are emerging? We all know that history often repeats itself and with the fracking industry, it could be very well doing so again.History’s Lesson of Natural Gas Let’s take a trip back into the past and take a look at the mining companies that once existed in Wellsboro, a small quiet town in northern Pennsylvania. The mining industry had just taken off, and wells were being drilled everywhere to access the natural gas that laid beneath the Earth’s surface. With hundreds of wells drilled in a relatively short amount of time, the local economy boomed and prospered in a way that had never been seen before, making it very reminiscent of the gold rush.If you were to visit that town today, you’d hardly know that there was once a booming hydraulic fracturing industry. Natural gas prices hit $13.42 per million BTU in 2005 and stayed